The Engagement Platform for Data & Analytics Leaders

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Creating a clearer picture of your data & analytics program

We can help you illustrate the business value of your data & analytics program, so that you can improve stakeholder engagement and your teams can focus on the opportunities that drive the biggest impact


Build stronger stakeholder alignment on priorities

Leverage a range of innovative tools to put the spotlight on business value and guide priority conversations in the right direction.

Intuitive Prioritisation Tools

Manage your backlog of opportunities more easily with our Prioritisation Board using customisable views to bring the right context to every conversation

Use our rich visual interface to support stakeholders engagements, saving hours of preparation time in the process!


Increase business visibility of your program

With Amperfii you’ll be able to make visibility & context of your program easily accessible to the business, building trust and fostering collaboration along the way

Invite your stakeholders in to explore

Invite stakeholders to explore the different areas of your program, with a business-friendly view that provides context & brings clarity

Map business value to team-level activities

With integration into team workflow tools like Jira, you can draw the connections between business opportunities to activities from multiple teams

Gain a bird’s eye view

Gain visibility across your entire program, identify trends, and showcase the wins to your business

Spend less time keeping it all up-to-date

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Our platform has been designed help you maintain views of your program with minimum effort, while slotting right in alongside your existing tools:

  • Leverage import & export functions to accelerate information capture & output

  • Easily customise and save any view of your program for quick recall

  • Connect the dots without duplicating effort by integrating with team workflow tools like Jira

Amperfii advantages

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